10/18/2016: Paranormal News Insider: Episode #286

October 19, 2016

Rare river dolphin sighting in China? ABC’s having 1, 2, and 3’s in the U.K.? “Pedals” has been taken. Possible white lion in Texas and get ready for “Wessie Fest”! Caped crusader steps up to the clown pandemic, quick clown update and Batman appears and sidetracks the show. The Book of the Week, "Ghosts, Apparitions and Poltergeists: An Exploration of the Supernatural through History" by Brian Righi.


8/30/2016: Paranormal News Insider: Episode #280

August 31, 2016

Update on Wessie (breaking news) and a little monkey business. Signal in space detected, could it be aliens? Bill Nye the skeptical guy gets a taste of his own medicine. El Ojo needs your assistance, por favor. The Book of the Week, "The Science of Ghosts: Searching for Spirits of the Dead" by Joe Nickell.


7/19/2016: Paranormal News Insider: Episode #274

July 20, 2016

Pokémon to solve cryptid mysteries? Is TB back at it again? A soul in Kentucky divides the world. This just in, the world will end on July 29th and a look at the paranormal box office. The Book of the Week, "The Braxton County Monster: The Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed" by Frank Feschino, Jr.


6/28/2016: Paranormal News Insider: Episode #271

June 29, 2016

El Chupacabra attacks goats in Texas? Chupacabra killed in the Ukraine? Common sense hides behind a rock on Mars. The Men in Black hanging out in Iowa, scientists have a cage match, Tupac isn’t dead after all, or is he? What about Elvis? Tony Robbins raked over the coals. The book of the week, "The Parapsychology Revolution: A Concise Anthology of Paranormal and Psychical Research" by Robert M. Schoch and Logan Yonavjak.


5/24/2016: Paranormal News Insider: Episode #266

May 25, 2016

There goes the neighborhood since the crocs are moving in. Was that a ghost on live radio? Spooky ghost story in Iowa, “The Conjuring 2” based on a real story or just a hoax? A p$ychic scams another mark. Book of the week (The Poltergeist Phenomenon: An Investigation into Psychic Disturbance by John and Anne Spencer) plus conferences and conventions.

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3/29/2016: Paranormal News Insider Episode #259

March 31, 2016

Atlas bear update. Keep an eye out for the tiger! Bigfoot replaces the gopher. Another UFO crashes in Roswell. Will the Stanley Hotel be closing its doors to ghost hunters? Randi takes his money off the table. The Ten Commandments of Ghost Hunting revealed. Keep your eyes in the skies for the green comet, and a “cheesy” story about purported satanic rituals. Plus, the book of the week (The Best of Sasquatch Bigfoot by John Green) and conference/convention updates.


3/01/2016: Paranormal News Insider Episode #255

March 2, 2016

A unicorn captured in California, move over Chupacabra; there’s a Chinese vampire creature on the loose! Bigfoot bust for sale, UFOs and aliens are real claims 49 year old former Navy officer, woman returns from the dead with message, Fast Radio Burst origin determined, is the moon really hollow? The book of the week (Ghosthunting Ohio by John B. Kachuba) as well as paranormal conference and convention updates.


2/23/2016: Paranormal News Insider Episode #254

February 24, 2016

Event updates, late breaking Bigfoot story, triceratops on the loose, British X-Files to be released soon, Argentina gives up UFO search, strange sounds on the dark side of the moon, psychic predicts car crash (sort of, well, not really), psychic helps lock up pervert (maybe), the Global Consciousness Project tries to beat the odds, plus the book of the week (Foundations of Parapsychology: Exploring the Boundaries of Human Capability by Hoyt L. Edge, Robert L. Morris, John Palmer, Joseph H. Rush).


2/09/2016: Paranormal News Insider Episode #252

February 10, 2016

Bigfoot to help kids with cancer, move over cougars here comes the boss (jaguars making a comeback in Arizona), mythological creature seen on the slopes in Spain (and it wasn't a Yeti), MUFON sighting statistics for January, psychic walks after milking man for over half a million dollars, Edgar Mitchell’s paranormal past, man killed by meteorite? Some scary meteorite and asteroid information, the book of the week (Animal Tracks and Signs: Track Over 400 Animals from Big Cats to Backyard Animals by Jinny Johnson) and some upcoming event notices.


2/2/2016: Paranormal News Insider Episode #251

February 3, 2016

The proof is out there; tracks of a potential Yeti photographed in Bhutan, evidence of large cats in Australia. India’s Roswell (or Happy Birthday, India!), CIA highlights their own “X-Files”, what to do if your house is haunted (other than tearing it down like Zak Bagans), the Smith Cloud threatens the Milky Way, the book of the week (The Case for Ghosts: An Objective Look at the Paranormal by J Allan Danelek), conferences and conventions and much more.