7/11/2017: Paranormal News Insider: Episode #321

July 12, 2017

Chicago Phantom sightings continue! New thylacine footage in South Australia? Amelia Earhart search continues and new information creates conspiracy talk. The Book of the Week, a National Geographic Magazine special, "The Next Earth: What Our World Can Teach Us About Other Planets."


11/01/2016: Paranormal News Insider: Episode #287

November 2, 2016

Ice monster sighted in Alaskan river, UFO creates panic in Austria, and the MUFON sighting statistics for October. Popular Mechanics raises a sledgehammer to paranormal “tech”. Morgana strikes again and the Bermuda Triangle mystery finally solved! Book of the Week, "Digging Up Ghosts: Unearthing Past Presences at a Haunted Location" by John G. Sabol


12/08/2015: Paranormal News Insider Episode #243

December 9, 2015

The Saskatoon giant water snake, animals gone wild – crazy squirrel and killer monkeys on the loose, Kecksburg UFO incident might be solved and it and the Bermuda Triangle celebrate birthdays this week, an update on the levitating cars in China, book of the week (The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved by Lawrence David Kusche) and the countdown of the Top Ten Paranormal News Stories of 2015 continues with #8 and #7!